Tenants of Halton Hall in the Eighteen Hundreds

Tenants of Halton Hall in the Eighteen Hundreds

Robert Fisher was the proprietor of five cabins on the Bradshaw home in November 1804, and he leased them to Ellen Ringer, Edward Jackson, Ann Gibson, John Newton and John Heald.

The obviously venturesome Ann Gibson claimed every one of the houses, the following time that the occupancy arrangements come up in the openly available report, during 1841. It was genuinely phenomenal for a solitary lady who wasn’t the beneficiary of a significant confidential recompense to possess such a lot of property, however there is no record in Preston Records vuokra halli Office specifying what sort of fortune Miss Gibson could have had.

She was not by any means the only female inhabitant that the Bradshaw family had during their years dealing with the bequest.

The White Lion Hotel, the nursery and the plantation were completely leased to Margaret Redhead, a seven-year rent from fourteenth February 1834. The White Lion is as yet standing today, a point of convergence of Halton town.

There were female occupants of the Bradshaws’ business possessions also, a few female individuals from the Robinson family rented the Cotton plant in Halton. They paid £63 per year for quite a long time, finishing their settlement on ninth November 1831. It isn’t recorded how much cash they could have figured out how to amass during that time. They likewise rented a croft inside Halton around a similar time. It’s not recorded the distance away their home could have been from their business.

The Bradshaws additionally claimed Dalton Heater, Power Bank Manufacturing plant, Halton Corn Factory. Skerton Factory, a fishery, and Grindstone public house in Skerton, a portion of those occupancy arrangements actually exist.

Skerton Factory was leased by John and William Thompson from the twentieth September 1829, for something like three years.

Force Bank Industrial facility, the factory, the distribution centers, the counting house, twelve cabins and different structures were rented to three siblings Robert, Thomas and Edward Atkinson for 21 years. Their rent started on first May 1826, yet the record didn’t uncover the amount they could have needed to pay every year.

Halton Heater was leased to an obscure inhabitant for a considerable length of time. They burned through £5 on their lease from the 29th September 1751.

The Bradshaws likewise possessed a lot of homes. Town End Ranch in Halton was leased by William Hinde for a very long time. It was an enormous house, and he was the occupant from the fourteenth February 1831.